Life changing

QuickChange™ Penile Wraps. The modern

rethinking to addressing male urinary incontinence

(UI) in sleeping or non-ambulatory patients.

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Time Saved

Changing patients multiple times per shift is a time consuming activity for caregivers, taking time away better spent on providing other more import aspects of care. With typical times of 4 ½ minutes per change, changes take up to forty minutes a day. QuickChange™ Penile Wraps innovative design allows a single caregiver to change a patient in about a minute, regardless of the patient’s size and weight.

One patient

One caregiver

No lifting required

QuickChange™ Penile Wraps minimize or often eliminate the need for rolling or repositioning a patient regardless of size or weight, resulting in less stress and strain on both the caregiver and the patient.

Safeguard Patient Skin

The QuickChange Penile Wrap’s patented design collects all urine before skin contact can be made, significantly reducing the risk of incontinence acquired dermatitis (IAD). With traditional briefs, urine runs between the thighs and pools under the buttocks until it is absorbed by the brief, causing irritation and often leading to IAD and pressure sores. With the QuickChange Penile Wrap’s open and non-occluded design, breathability is maximized and excessive moisture minimized protecting the patient’s skin integrity.

Wake No More

QuickChange Penile Wraps’s “from the top down” nature means patients can be changed quickly and relatively undisturbed as you don’t need to get underneath them. No more waking patients to change their briefs during the night.

The QuickChange Wrap Difference



* based on evaluations of trials ** based on feedback from clients *** based on observations

Made in the USA

QuickChange™ Wraps are manufactured in Southern California.